Monday, 31 October 2016


The intensity of falling for someone is immense. I have not experienced what I am involved with currently. Its super super cheesy to say but I have really never felt like this before. There are long and intense gazes, hyper connection and the inability to stop thinking about or wanting to be near the other person.
Thus far I have only found two things that I don't adore about my boyfriend. One is that he smokes pot and the other is that he isn't as fitness oriented as me. Neither of these things seems that important, as he doesn't smoke around me or the kids, and the other because I think that he will become more health conscious as things go on and I like how he looks.
It is more about how I feel when I am with him. I feel safe and protected and adored and I know he feels that way about me.
I am lucky and overwhelmed and connected and right. It is kind of a beautiful thing. I want to post it on facebook (which I never do) and take pictures of us together. I have not had a relationship that has been documented with pictures of any kind. I have pictures of my boyfriends, or my ex husband, but very few of me with them. I want record of this. I want pictures of us together because of how I feel about him and how he feels about me. I want to tell the world and let everyone know how happy I am to be with him.
Is everything perfect? No but it feels that way because the things that are not perfect are either fixable or don't matter. I am excited and happy and supported and not scared. He is the person I have waited to meet and the feeling is worth the wait.

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