Monday, 24 October 2016

Feels Like We're On Top of the World

My goodness....things are so different now. My whole world has opened up and my heart aches because it's so full. When I met Warrior, i knew things were good and solid and sweet. I had no idea how much my heart would fill with his and how fast i would fall when it happened.
Being swept away in a romance that feels so big, and so right is intoxicating. I have never experienced anything like it, and I am unlikely to again. I miss when he isn't around, I think about us constantly and I feel protected in a warm and positive light.
How many times in your life can you find a guy that starts slow dancing with you during a passionate kiss and can strongly articulate his exact feelings for you with feeling? How often is it that you become deeply infatuated with someone after spending so little time? Maybe this happens often to most people, but I haven't experienced anything like this before. I feel blessed and lucky to have met him.
Next time the universe sends me repetitive messages, I will listen sooner and more closely. This is the feeling I have been waiting my whole life to feel and I get to feel it with the best guy in the world.

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