Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Whisper that Shouts

When I started my solo journey I visited a mentor. My mentor does angel card readings and she warned me about being taken advantage of by people who take more than they give. The universe is helping me work on this-as its a habit I tend to fall in to. I want to help people and I care a lot about them, so I end up giving them chance after chance and often I do not get anything back. Sometimes that is okay, but if you have someone in your life that does this consistently, it becomes a drain and it breaks your heart. I am getting better at setting limits with new acquaintances-but its people who have been around longer I still have to work at. Once a pattern is established, it's very hard to break it.

However, the universe is letting me know when to quit, and when it's okay, and my gut is getting more accurate all the time. Usually universal signs are whispers that we have to pay close attention to or only recognize after the fact. But this year, with this issue in particular-they have been loud and very very obvious.  The universe shouts at me.Every time I let myself believe that the situation with one of my leeches has changed, the universe indicates that it hasn't. Why do I waste my time with people who are negative and make me feel less than? I don't know. I am still unpacking that and the situations that my willingness to accept less has caused me. I am not sure I will ever stop feeling the need to help and heal, but I am resolved to spend that energy on people who are deserving. The leeches better find someone else to suck dry, and when they insult me about denying them-I need to know that their words aren't to be listened to.  I would say that I have "finally got it out of my system". But I have said it before, so i guess its better to say "I hear you universe, and I am trying really hard to listen."

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