Friday, 21 October 2016

The Cliches in Spades that Don't Feel Cliches

Okay, I have been naturally cynical since I was a kid. Cheesy lines and the spouting of pretty words always seemed silly and fell short. Don't get me wrong, I have a romantic soul, but I have never felt that the words were true-they felt hollow and so I laughed.
But this is different. I hear them, I feel them and when he says them-he means them. Having been guarded my whole life, it feels so strange to be running pell-mell towards something, openly, with no armor, instead of approaching with caution and shields raised.

Is this what it feels like to fall for someone? Is this the feeling that I have been waiting to have since I was a child? I couldn't tell you. I am trying not to overthink it, just feel and enjoy the moment that I have being completely and totally crazy over a guy that has the emotional maturity to express his feelings back.

I don't have to make it work, or look for a future or plan how things will go-because it is working, our future is right now in this moment and things are falling into place with no plan and no effort. He is the safe space, the open door and the right heart to beat in tandem with mine. And so bring on the cliches, because they feel pretty true and fit just right for right now in my life.

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