Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The Immensity of Emotion

My Warrior is quickly becoming my Mountain. Strong, steadfast, true. He evokes feelings of admiration, patience, desire and overwhelming love. Being crazy about someone is so new and different for me. I love how I feel around him and how open he has been with me about how he feels.
Sometimes he says things that should be scary and make me run but I want to go deeper, I want to be deeper with him than I have ever want to be with anyone. I am allowing myself to be vulnerable in many ways and that's allowing our relationship to be stronger than ones I have experienced in the past.
It hasn't been a smooth sail or easy road. His past has tried to interrupt and derail our present and it was very hard to choose love and choose trust in a moment when both were challenged and at risk. But I did and I am happy that I did. There were moments of doubt, and there still are occasionally but I see the way he looks at me and that's something you can't fake.
Loving someone with an open heart is both difficult and amazing. It is everyday. Although it doesn't take away the everyday troubles or the mounting fear within my particular world (looming strike and risky show), it does make those things easier to cope with.
He has my back. He is in this beside me. Together I feels safe and true and protected.

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