Friday, 19 June 2015

The Journey

My parents are two of the best people I know. Not only have they helped to tidy up the end of my marriage, they give of themselves in a big way to my kids. One of the biggest ways is coming up tomorrow. We are going on a trip to visit my sister three provinces away, it's an 18 hour drive. We are planning on going straight through, with a three and one year old. They are brave.
Fifteen years ago, my parents made almost the same journey with my sister and I to drop me at university. It's a place I found some true friends, fell in love and lost it- plus myself- along the way. There is nice symmetry in returning now that I have found myself again.
I sit watching the clouds drift in to prepare for rain and try to be open to whatever is out there. Letting go of something I held onto for so long is going to take some work....especially since I am still wrestling with feeling like this was how it was suppose to go. I think it must be the suppressed romantic inside me-it would make an epic love story. Fell in love in university, separated by circumstance, distance and time, both try to move on- only to rediscover the love they had lost so long ago. Movies have been made based on less. But the reality is a lot more sad and far less inspiring.....maybe my story is somewhere in between the two.
What I do know is that I will never settle for less than extraordinary again. My children and I deserve to benefit from the lessons it's taken me a long time to learn.

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