Saturday, 25 July 2015


After everything went down with the single dad blow off last week, I was at a loss of where to go next on this journey. So I joined a free dating site- thinking I should expand my net....and two things happened:
1. I got in contact with a very interesting friend of a should have been great but I think he blew me off too.
2. I was bombarded by disgusting men who said horrible things. Misogyny is not dead, it's just moved online.
This resulted in me deleting my account. If friend of friend actually is interested, he has my number and contact details. I am not chasing a guy who is not that into me. I spent five years married to a guy who wasn't that in to me, why would I waste my time trying to date the same thing. No! Just no! I am sick of it.....and it's only been a few months. So I am retreating. I am reading and escaping into a world where men are good and like interesting, strong, women and go out of their way to prove it. I am retreating to a world where a single mom has value, is seen and is beautiful, I am retreating to a world where there might be a person that makes me fall in love....and I am staying there for awhile. Might not be healthy, but it's what I am going to least for now.

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