Monday, 20 July 2015

Beginning Again.....again.

I am naïve....optimistic if you will. It is my natural state to believe the good in people. It means I constant live in a state of disappointment because, sadly, most people ( male people) aren' that good. This last week I was riding such a high. ...I thought I had met a great guy who was interesting and interested in me. Then BAM, or rather.......he stops responding to messages. He saw enough, or learned enough. For five days we messaged back and forth with regularity. Then he sees two other pictures and zoom....he is away. Sure, he could be busy....but more than likely.....he is just not into me.....this is very very very sad. I had thought he might be somebody worth knowing, worth having my kids meet someday. Turns out, not even worth a date.....or I wasn't. I am trying not to let it kill my self esteem, but it's very easy to see why I was so damaged by this whole process before. Difficult to see what I learned here....maybe not to care too much?
Who we begin again.

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