Friday, 10 July 2015

A New World

So, tonight is my night off from working out and I am spending it very stereotypically the way a single mom should- big glass of red wine watching a sexy movie ( Don Juan DeMarco). I don't indulge in this behaviour and this will be my first time....but seems as if first times are the theme for the day.
I have been talking to a guy. He is very honest, very earthy and very cute. He is not the forever guy. I know he is not the guy because, unLess some earth shattering chemistry occurs, he wants to remain in  his part of the province and I need to be here- in mine.
So....what's the point of even meeting? Getting back out there, and maybe having some fun. I have never dated without going into the date thinking the guy might be " the one". The fact of the matter is that I was so hell bent on finding " the one" that I tried to make everything work, even when I wasn't that into the guy.....I had zero self esteem and had no idea why my relationships/dates wouldn't work.
I am not that girl any more and I need to blow off some steam and have some silly, ridiculous fun....if it actually happens. I have a feeling he has been matched with someone he is more which case- move along sir, I got life to live.

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