Friday, 13 January 2017

Old Habits or New Beginnings?

I have been faced with a conundrum. Do I let someone back in, or do I keep them away? Pros: I like their company, I enjoy their interactions with my kids. Cons: they are unpredictable and i don't want to fall back into old habits.
I have changed a lot, and so has he. We both have agreed that our friendship is more important than anything physical that might happen, and nothing can alter our friendship. We are committed to making the friendship work. I am not looking for more than that right now with anyone, and he isn't either. But we have been down this road before and it's gotten very sticky.
The easiest thing is to take the physical stuff right off the table. But we are good at it, and we both miss that aspect of things when we aren't seeing someone. Is it possible to keep our friendship safe while being intimate physically?
Lots to think about and lots to consider.

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