Tuesday, 3 January 2017

New Year, New Reality

I goofed. I majorly sidestepped. I am involved with a good and sweet man, but there are some issues that concern me. He is not active, he has chronic pain, he is a chronic weed user and he is financially in trouble, his ex girlfriend claims he is cheating and has "proof". Red flag, red flag, red flag, red flag.
I really like him. I think he is a wonderful person and incredibly kind. I thought I had found "the one". I don't feel that way anymore. There are just too many things that divide us. Am I being too picky? Am I being stupid? I have found a man who treats me so well and so sweetly, but I don't know if his life goals are the same as mine.
I want a partner. I want someone who makes my life better, who is saving for the future, who doesn't need saving or rescuing or help. Someone I can make a life with and who automatically makes things easier and better for me. Am I judging him to harshly and not giving him a chance? Or am I ignoring my gut.....And if I am, then perhaps I need to stop. After tonight, he works all week. I am going to try and really think about what I need and want and see if i can't figure this out before things go any deeper.

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