Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The Mean Reds

I am furious. So incredibly pissed off. My ex has not said one word about the kids, asked to see them or done anything for them (other than pay his child support). He is supposed to be repaying a debt he owes me that he stuck me with after we separated (in direct violation of the separation agreement).
He set the amount and the date and not once, NOT ONCE, has he paid on time.
I am trying to be a superhero, create a life for my kids, be both parents, never let them go lacking but today I am so angry that he makes me beg for the money he owes me. He wont return messages and he is horrible. I just want to be done. But he owes me that money! I could give up, but that is what he wants me to do.

I knew i would be giving up my social life when i had kids, but i had a partner. Now I am alone. I am so alone. My parents are helping so I can work, and I have me time at night. Me, myself and I. Quiet, and alone with nobody to lean on or talk to. And I need someone to talk to. I am so tired of being strong.

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